What is the best low-tracking cat litter

best low-tracking cat litter

The unfortunate side of owning a cat is that you will have a corner of the house or apartment where they need to use the loo. The kitty litter is a place that many people are fearful of, especially if they have never had to tend to one, with the problem of kittens tracking the litter material through the house being entirely alien.

The best natural cat litter that will clump is the Petfive multi-cat litter that comes in packs of 13-pounds and only costs $25. If you need something that is better for allergies, the Alpha Paw dust-free cat litter that costs $30 will work the best as it does not irritate allergies and does not track.

Generally, low-tracking cat litter is sorted into two main categories that we need to look at, natural kitty litter and kitty litter that is made for people with allergies to dust. These two kitty litters are usually made in different ways, with dustless kitty litter more likely to be heavily processed.

What are the top natural low-tracking cat litters?

Taking a look, the best kitty litter that is entirely natural is important; these are the kitty litter that is least likely to cause problems for your cat. As they are focused on being natural, you can be assured that your cat will not get sick or damaged from using these types of kitty litter.

Further, most of this kitty litter is entirely safe to be disposed of in normal ways as it will naturally degrade over time. Allowing you to easily and comfortably help to save the planet from any of the damage that can be done with chemicals and other pollutants.

  • Petfive Sustainably Yours Natural: With no added chemicals, fast to clump, and an odor-eliminating technology, this is our top choice of low-tracking kitty litter. At only $25, it is affordable and will allow you to easily clean out your cat's litter box without having to stress about something unwanted escaping onto your floor.
  • ökocat Original Low-Dust Natural Wood Clumping: At only $14, the Okocat natural wood clumping wood litter is a completely natural cat litter that can be easy to dispose of. With three different styles and two different sizes, you can scales these from the youngest kittens to the oldest cats and ensure they are always happy.
  • SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter: Low-tracking cat litter usually also means that the cat litter will be quick to clump around the things the cat has left behind. At $30, the SmarCat 20-pound bag is perfect for keeping your home litter-free, and the waste from your cat won't threaten to permeate throughout your home.
  • ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter: Using only three natural ingredients, the Arm & Hammer 18-pound back of naturals cat litter is one of the better kitties litters you may find. With a low-price tag of only $15.5, it offers cat owners the chance of using cat litter that is not only natural but is made with waste products from other manufacturers.
  • Cat's Pride Total Odor Control Premium Clay: If you want something other than wood, which can be messy as it starts to age, the Cat's Pride clay kitty litter is for you. This $10 jug of clay cat litter will clump around anything your cat leaves in the litter box and will not stick to the paws of your cat once it is done, with the added benefit of not being flammable.
  • Tofu Cat Litter Natural Cat Litter: Made from a combination of natural materials, the Tofu Cat litter has Tofu at its base, making it one of the most natural kitty litters you can find. At only $21.50, it will allow several cats to use your litter box without tracking the litter material throughout the rest of your house or apartment.
  • Purina Tidy Cats Natural Clumping Cat Litter: Purina has been a specialist in making almost everything for pets for several decades. Their pure nature tidy pine, cedar, and corn clumping cat litter, at only $10 for a 12-pound pack, is one of the best low-tracking deals that you can currently find on Amazon with a guarantee of being truly all-natural.

What is the top manufactured low-tracking cat litters?

All-natural cat litter is possibly the best thing for your cat and your overall green footprint on the earth; however, it comes with a clear problem. All-natural cat litter is not always the best for those who have severe allergies, which makes the importance of other kinds of cat litter so important.

We call these manufactured cat litter, owing to the cat litter being almost completely made from processed materials. These materials are often still natural; however, they have been cleaned and chemically adjusted to ensure that they will not cause you or your cat any allergic reactions.

  • Alpha Paw Cat Litter with Health Indicator: This is our best cat litter overall; made out of natural products, it has been chemically adjusted to be super clumpy, have no dust, and be low-tracking. At $30 for a 6-pound bag, it is not the most affordable, but it will comfortably have your cat have the best possible litter experience.
  • Fresh Step Advanced Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter: Coming in a 37-pound bag that costs only $25, the Fresh Step advanced multi-kitty litter is the perfect solution for a larger cat family. It has a low dust rating and naturally has the low tracking we need from our kitty litter to make it perfect for almost all cat-loving families.
  • Clean Tracks Cat Litter: Clean Tracks specializes in making kitty litter that leaves almost no trace of your cat using its litter. We recommend getting this 40-pound bag of rock-based kitty litter when you know that you'll have to be replacing the litter more than twice a week, with both clumping and low tracking technology involved in its production.
  • Fresh Step Clean Paws Multi-Cat Scented Litter: When you need something that will last a bit longer and allow you to have the best possible results, then moving to Fresh Step clean paws is the best. This small 18-pound box of cat litter will ensure that your cat will leave no trace of going to the toilet, with odor control, clumping, and low tracking all combined at $32.
  • PURINA Yesterday's News Non-Clumping Paper: Sometimes you need to recycle things, sometimes you also need cat litter that does not clump. The Purina, yesterday's news cat litter, is one of the best ways to keep your cat's paws clean, to keep the litter box area litter-free, and to have something that actively reduces waste for the earth at only $20.


Picking the best low-tracking kitty litter for your cat and for you is something that can drive you wild; fortunately, you are not limited in the possible options. If either you or your cat is not happy with the litter you have, you can always keep trying until you find the perfect balance of texture and ease of cleaning.

Always remember, your cat will still have a preference, especially if they only ever used one type of litter while growing up.