What Is the Best Cat Carrier for Car Travel

Cat Carrier for Car Travel

When you have your cat, a companion with more personality than most people, you will want to start taking them with you to see the world. However, sometimes this can be a challenge because they can be hard to lead with leashes, sometimes refusing to walk at all, which means you need a carrier.

The best overall carrier for your cat is the Atom pet carrier made by Atom; it is focused on traveling as far as you can while also being made from higher quality materials. You will find that the Sleepypod is a better all-rounder than most others, with its versatility allowing it to beat others.

While the Sleepypod is perfect for being an all-rounder, there are many bags and carriers that will beat it when measuring specific situations. We always recommend the following carriers when you plan on taking your soft ball of fur to see the world that he might never have known about.

What Are the Five Best Compact Cat Carriers?

Before we start looking at all the different locations, adventures, or just everyday carriers that you should consider, we are taking a look at the compact carriers. These are the carriers that you may want to keep around your house, in the boot of your car, or just folded into a corner of your home.

We have exactly five carriers for every type of cat owner that will be perfect for keeping your cat safe wherever you may need to take them. These are all compact and small, which means they are not the most durable, but they will be more than enough to keep the cats safe.

  • Amazon Basics Mesh Pet Travel Carrier: As with everything Amazon basics, this is exactly what it says; with two handles, an opening at the top, and one at the side, it is compact and light. Making it affordable at only $30 comes in three sizes, making it a good place to start.
  • Petisfam Pet Carrier: The petisfam Pet carrier for medium cats is one of those bags that looks better than the price would have you believe. With a clean grey color, it is perfect for everyday use or just quick visits to the vet; with no hard floor and two entry points, it delivers high-quality materials at only $25.50.
  • NECOICHI Portable Stress Free Series: The ultimate in compact cat carrier, the Necoichi is perfect for someone who is living in a smaller apartment. With only one entrance and basic handles, the magic of this cat carrier is its ability to fold up and disappear beneath the bed, behind the couch, or anywhere else.
  • Pet Magasin Hard Cover: Sometimes, you need something a bit harder and something that is closed a lot more than normal. The pet magasin hardcover at $34 is perfect for having your cat safe in something compact but a lot more rugged and capable of handling the worst out there.
  • Small Pet Carrier: If you are going to go for a walk, through a mall, with friends, or just going to take a walk to the vet, you may want something light and small to hold your cat in. The small pet carrier is made for smaller cats, folding away when not used; the $28 price tag makes it extremely attractive.

Which Are the Five Best Cat Carriers for Your Car?

If you are looking for a cat carrier, you are most likely only looking for a way to keep them contained in the car when going somewhere. While compact cat carriers can certainly work for this, they age quite fast and can break when your cat becomes older and a bit rougher with your carrier.

Cat carriers need to handle sharp claws, angry cats, or just quite inquisitive cats that will try to break free. Usually, the larger the carrier, the easier it is to keep your cat entertained inside it, making these five cat carriers our recommendation for your car.

SPORT PET Large Pop Open Kennel: Larger, waterproof, and extremely comfortable, the Sport Pet is not meant to be carried around but instead placed in your car and left. This means that you can train your cat to get into it whenever needed and that they will always have a space; at $34, it is a great solution to car cat carriers.

PetLuv Cat Premium Cat Carrier: Best of both worlds, the PetLuv is a permanent car cat carrier that you can pick up with the strap to take your buddy from the vet's office to the car to their favorite corner. At $73, it's meant to last you a lot longer and will have you and your cat much happier for several years. 

Pet Fit For Life Large: When you know that your cat will not simply be entertained with being in a moving car, or you know longer trips are incoming, the Pet Life carrier is a must. At an average price of $50, it includes several things for the cat to do when going on long car journeys and a separate basket for easy cleaning.

Petsfit Expandable Cat Carrier: The largest cat carrier that we can recommend is perfect for your SUV's back when taking long family trips, which means the cats come along. Expandable from a normal large-sized carrier, this $55 Petsfit is expandable to a size that can allow even medium-sized dogs to be comfortable.

NECOICHI Portable Stress: This Necoichi cat carrier is also aimed to be used in your car when taking long car trips, with a separate basked specifically meant to be used as a cat litter. It fits easily on your passenger seats and will allow you to comfortably have your cat with you on almost any trip.

What Are the Five Best Cat Carriers for Flying?

The last place you may initially think people take their cats is on an airplane, but it is often the best way to take longer trips with their feline friends. Most countries and flights will allow you to have your cat in a carrier inside the actual plane, assuming you bought it a proper ticket.

Most international flights require a carrier for your cat when it is loaded into the pet area to ensure that it is comfortable and safe. We always recommend that you have a slightly more expensive cat carrier when traveling internationally as your friend may be stuck in the carrier for over 16 hours.

Sleepypod Atom pet Carrier: The second most basic cat carrier that we recommend for traveling on airplanes is made of strong materials, has a shoulder strap, and will give your cat complete views with comfort. At around $130, it may feel like the most expensive, but it is well worth the price for its quality.

Petmate Two Door Top Load: The most basic cat carrier that you can get for your cat when it is flying, you may be surprised to learn that these are required by some airlines. At only around $50, they are hard, uncomfortable but will easily keep your pet safe when they are being handled by people that can sometimes be uncaring.

HPZ Pet Rover: The most expensive but also the most versatile cat carrier that you will find is the HPZ rover; functioning similarly to a trolley, it is perfect for travel. At $250, it will keep your bet safe no matter where you are going and will ensure that your cat is comfortable at all times but also not keeping your hands too busy.

X-ZONE PET Dogs Carrier Cats: This airline-approved, collapsible $23 cat carrier is perfect for those who need a budget-friendly cat carrier for planes. While it may not work with your international flights, it will make traveling across the country a complete joy wherever you are going.

ELEGX Pet Rolling Carrier: For those who are going to be traveling through several airports on their journey, the Elegx is perfect, as it has full vent sides but also four wheels. This saves you the pain of carrying your cat around in a bag wherever you are going and allows your feline friend to see the world.


Cat carriers are either extremely simple things that you can get for your favorite pet, or they can easily be one of the most nerve-racking things you can buy. However, if you know what you are most likely to do, the choices can become easier, especially if you know you travel a lot.

Whatever you do, please don't buy the most expensive carrier if you and your cat have only left the house a full one time.