What Are the Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats?

Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

When you have your lovely cat sitting in the corner of your room, you may notice that it is actively looking for something to scratch. The moment you have more than one cat, it is no longer simple to keep their paws busy, and you will need to get more than simply a scratching post; special trees are needed.

The best cat tree for multiple cats living in an apartment with limited space is the Feandrea cat tree that allows multiple cats to enjoy it without sacrificing space. If you have the space in your house, we recommend getting the Rabbitgoo 61-inch cat tower as it can provide hours of fun for all cats.

Cat trees will be a permanent fixture in your home once you own more than one cat, as they are the best place for your kitty to do what it wants. Cats need a place to almost call their own where they can relax, scratch their nails, or hide away when they are no longer in the mood for attention.

What Are the Four Best Compact Cat Trees for Multiple Cats?

When living with one or two cats, it can be easy to forget that they need space and that the things that they need to live happily require space as well. If you live in an apartment, it can be easy to have three or four cats that are comfortably and easily living with you.

However, when you start buying them things, you may soon find your apartment is filled with more things for the cats than it is for yourself. In these situations, we recommend getting something compact that will handle multiple cats in your apartment but not take up all the available space.

3 Scratching Posts

A simple, compact, and effective scratching post, this is a miniature cat tree that will stand about as tall as a small coffee table. With three scratching posts, your cats will easily be able to entertain themselves and use their claws to their full ability without having to fight over the tree.

Further, your cats will either relax between the posts or find their way onto the top of the post, allowing them to enjoy the world easily and comfortably. Many cat owners put two or three of these on top of each other; at only $29, it is an affordable, space-saving solution for your cats to enjoy.


This 27-inch cat tree is perfect for two, three, or even four cats to enjoy without having to get in the way of each other. At only $38, it will not break your bank while also taking up as little as possible space, allowing your apartment to look neat but also to have the best possible treatment for your cat.

We recommend that you get this when you are unsure how your cats may react to each other being on the same tree. With four spots for the cats to rest, hang, or hide in, it makes it perfect for cats that want to be near each other but don't quite want to end up touching each other.

Poils Bebe Cat Scratching Post And Tree

A cat tree with just one upper platform and one scratching pole is meant for the cat owner that has only just gotten a second cat. It is not too large and will easily be comfortable for you and your cats if it is near the back of a room, taking as little as possible space in the great area of your apartment.

At only $19, it is perfect for the owner that is still unsure if the cats will like cat trees, giving everyone the chance to safely learn how to use them properly. We recommend that you have this cat tree somewhere in the rear of your living room or tv room, where the cats can enjoy it while you lounge on the couch.

YAHEETECH 23.5in Cat Tree Tower

A compact, three platform cat tree that only stands 23.5-inches tall, the Yaheetech is perfect for cat owners that know their cats like darker spots. It is slightly pricier than other apartment cat trees; at $40, it will, however, easily allow you and your cats to enjoy having something of their own.

With two scratch posts, it will also allow your cats, whether you have two, three, or even four, to get their claws into something comfortable to scratch. We recommend this cat tree if you own more than two cats, and you need to find somewhere in the room that they can call all their own.

What Are the Four Best Full Build Cat Trees for Multiple Cats?

Compact cat trees are perfect for living with your cats in a small apartment; however, if you are a homeowner or someone with a large apartment, you need something more substantial. We always recommend that people get something that looks more like a small apartment when they have multiple cats.

This assures that everything on the tower can be used and that the cats are not in each other's way when playing on the tree. Further, many cats may prefer to sleep further away from their brothers or sisters, with larger cat trees allowing for the perfect balance of comfort.

53 Inches Multi-Level Cat Tree Stand House

The Nova Microdermabarion 53-inches cat tree is a tall playground and hiding spot for cats of all sizes and amounts. It has nine platforms, two of which are boxes, that the cats can enjoy while trying to hide from the world or just plotting their next jump attempts.

We always recommend getting this cat tree because of the layered scratch posts and layers of climbing that the cats can enjoy. Allowing the cats to safely enjoy climbing up and own their own space without damaging your home, with their mini apartment only costing $59.

Yaheetech 54in Cat Tree Tower Condo

Similar to the Nova cat tree, the Yaheetech 54-inch cat tree is perfect for multiple cats to enjoy having their own space in your home. It has several platforms that the cats can enjoy while taking care of their business, scratch posts, and everything else that they may wish to relax on.

At $58, it is an extremely competitively priced cat tree that comes in a grey color that many cat owners may prefer, as it fits in better with the rest of the house. We always recommend that owners consider these types of cat trees because they can fit flush against walls or in the corner of a room.

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower 61″ For Indoor Cats

The tallest cat tree that we recommend is the Rabbitgoo cat tree, as it stands just over 61-inches tall, making it possible top-heavy. However, at $90, this cat tree has everything your cats may ever hope and dream for, with several scratch posts, a hammock, and a floating basket.

If you have space and the budget getting this cat tree will stimulate every sense that a family of four or more cats may ever have. However, we do caution against getting one if you only have three or fewer cats, as it may be too much for them and overstimulate them in the long run.

Rabbitgoo Cat Tree Cat Tower For Indoor Cats

At 39-inches tall, this is the smallest cat tree that will still take up a lot of space; with everything its larger cousin has but slightly compressed, it is aimed at the cat family with fewer members. It has a hammock, a floating basket, and even steps for the cats to enjoy running up and down on.

We recommend getting this as the tester to see if your cats may need something bigger, as they will usually be quite happy with this. It can handle four cats at a maximum and will have something or space for each one to enjoy their lazy days; with a price of only $67, it is an affordable addition to the home.


You will have to choose a cat tree not only based on the number of cats that you have but the amount of space you have in your home. If you cannot handle even one more person in your apartment, then getting a cat tree that stands as tall as one will not be a good solution.

Whatever you do, please don't think you can go without a cat tree; every animal needs a space in the home they can call their own!