Do Cats Poop Less With Better Food? Answered!

Do Cats Poop Less With Better Food

There are so many choices for cat food available at varying prices, it can be a difficult task choosing the right product at the right price for your cat, especially when you are on a budget. In this post we will help you with this decision starting with answering do cats poop less with better food?

Yes, cats do poop less with better food as it will provide more nutrition so will be slower going through the bowls as more will be used by the body. If you feed your cat cheap food of low quality, their bowel movements are likely to be more frequent. This can also happen to cats that are feed too often as well, or if your cat has allergies from food or a medical condition such as irritable bowels.

Now we know that cats do poop less with better food lets investigate some other important things about cat food you will want to know.

Should I feed wet or dry food to my cats?

Most cats tend to prefer wet food when given a choice of it over dry food, but there are advantages and disadvantages for both.

Wet foods can make pooh loose and wetter where dry foods make them harder and firm, make it much easier to clean the litter tray and of course less smelly.

Your cat is also likely to pooh less on dry food over being on wet food, but you must take extra care to ensure water is widely available for a cat on dry food as it does not provide any moisture where wet food will.

If price is a concern, then you might want to go with a good quality dry food as wet food tends to be more expensive.

How often should I feed my cat

Giving your cat two meals a day with a big enough gap between each meal is ideal if you’re not leaving food out to be freely eaten throughout the day ,which we will look at now

Should cats always have food available

Depending on if your home a lot or not might be the decider what food to feed as dry food can be left down without going off where wet food only lasts a short time before smelling and being rejected by your cat. Many owners feed their cats both by leaving dry out 24hrs and giving wet food once a day.

Is it ok to mix wet and dry cat food?

Mixing wet and dry cat foods is ok if both are quality foods with the nutrients needed. Kittens are usually weaned with this method of feeding mixing dry with wet.  

Best food choice for cats that are active

An active cat will eat more but also have bowels that move more often where a cat not so active will have a slower bowel movement as the nutrients from the food will not be needed as quickly.

How often should a healthy cat poop

An adult cat will poop every day, kittens will poop more frequently and many times in a day. Cats pooh should be brown firm but not hard nor soft and mushy.

How can I make my cats pooh less smelly

Raw frozen foods are the best for cats with smelly poohs to help them be less smelly as they have less ingredients than the processed ones you will buy from the supermarket / pet store, thus meaning they generally have more in them that your cats body needs and can digest.

For cats that have medical conditions regarding digestion and bowls these foods are perfect for helping with how smelly their pooh may be.

There are also cat litters that can be used and are affective to disguising the smell. Some are even scented.

Will changing my cats food cause more poohing

Changing your cats food can make a difference in how often your cat may go to the toilet to pooh. It may also change if the pooh is soft, hard or smelly. But this is unlikely to last in most cases once your cats body has got used to the new food as long as it’s the right food of good quality and with the right nutrients in it.

If your cat is a fussy eater, then the best way to go about changing it food is gradually as sudden changes could cause diarrhoea and your cat to loose energy. To start with mix a little of the new cat food among the old each day over a week until your happy your cat is eating it and that its not upsetting its bowl movements.

Can cats over eat

Yes cats can over eat quite easily. If its through cat food, it may consume more minerals than it needs and this is when crystals can appear in the urine or kidney stones along with other urine issues. If cats eat the wrong human food or over eat on food your are giving them this may cause them to be sick along side giving them diarrhea.

Do cats fart

Like most animals cats do fart yes. Inside its digestive track are the gasses which are released through the rectum. Its usually quite though depending on the food your cat eats it may have a odor or not. This all depending if they have excess bloating which can be the cause of a increase in smell.  

In Conclusion

Now you know cats do poop less when they're eating better food it’s up to you to make a choice on what food is right for your cat. Feeding your cat is an important part of its care and a good quality cat food is one that’s going to provide the essential nutrients and be the best for your cat’s health.