Can Cats Swim – Things You Need To Know! 

Can Cats Swim

There is a common conception that all cats hate water and do everything in their kitty powers to avoid it, which leads us to the question can cats swim?

Yes, cats can swim, however, not all cats are fond of the water and can be downright frightened of it, though there are some breeds such as the Bengal, Main Coon and Manx that particularly enjoy getting their paws wet.

Do cats naturally know how to swim

The simple answer to this question is yes, they do. Cats are instinctively able to swim, their physical traits, such as their tiny claws being covered with a protective web like sheath, their keen sense of balance and their streamlined bodies are all part of the answer.

Do cats like to swim

Not all cats find water appealing, even though they can naturally swim.

Some cats really enjoy getting in the water, while others will be more reluctant.

There are many reasons why a cat may not take to water, one being they simply don't like being wet, and cold.

If you are looking for a cat breed that is known to be fond of water and is more likely to enjoy swimming, the Bengal cat, Main Coon and the Manx breeds are known to enjoy water, but just like us humans they all have individual personalities, so getting one of these cats breeds doesn't guarantee they will like water or swimming, but does increase the chances of it.

Can you teach cats to swim

Unless a cat has a medical condition that prevents it from doing so, they are born with knowing how to swim, so if you put them in water, they will instinctively swim, but if you are dealing with a cat that doesn't like to go near water or in it, then there are steps you can take to introduce your cat to water, in such a way to make encourage it interact with water until it feels comfortable around it. Here is a great video showing you how to teach cats to swim…

Can cats swim in chlorine pool water

It is not recommended for cats to swim in pool water as they can often have high levels of chlorine in them which can irritate cats skin, ears and eyes. if your cat was to drink or swallow any of the pool water it would also be likely to make them ill, and upset their stomach.

Can a cats drown

Yes, cats definitely can drown, for instance if a cat is struggling in the water, they will try to find a place to get out, such as going onto a ledge, or climbing onto a platform, but if they cannot do so and there is a chance that they may drown, due to exhaustion. They may fall into a body of water with a strong current that pulls them under, or is too cold for them. Basically just like humans, cats can find themselves in situations that despite being competent swimmers can still cause them to drown.

Can cats swim in the sea

Yes it's possible for cats to swim in the sea as shown in the video below…

But it is not recommended for cats to swim in the sea, unless your cat is a very strong and able swimmer, and is accustomed to it without becoming distressed. There are many factors that can kill a cat in the ocean, such as high waves, strong currents, drowning from exhaustion, getting caught up on seaweed or other foreign bodies. If you do allow your cat to swim in the sea, you must make sure to be with it at all times in case it gets into trouble or in danger, as it can only take a matter of seconds for it to go under the surface and drown.

Sea water is also very high in salt, which presents it's own problems for cats which we we look at now.

Can cats swim in saltwater

It's also important to bear in mind that sea water is very high in salt, which if swallowed can cause your cat to become dehydrated and become excessively thirsty, if not this can lead to serious health issues.

Can cats swim better than dogs

This really depends on the dog you are referring to, as discussed cats a naturally able to swim well, whereas some dog breeds are better swimmers than others such as retrievers who are bred to be good swimmers but Pugs, Pit Bulls and English bulldogs tend not to be good swimmers.

In conclusion

Yes, cats can swim instinctively, but many cats simply don't like to swim unless they have to, so may need to some encouragement to do it. If you do decide to introduce your cat to swimming, make sure you keep an eye on them when they’re in the water and never leave them unsupervised.